Visiting the Center

The visitors' programme of the Center for Emotional Economics is part of a larger visitors' programme run by the Department of Economics. The objective for the CEE consists in having one to two visitors per year providing some courses for master or PhD students. In addition, workshops with short-term visitors will also be organized. Courses for PhD students can best be integrated into our PhD programme if they are offered around March/April or August/September.

Visitors will interact with members of the CEE and of the Gutenberg School of Management and Economics. Submission of current work to the discussion paper series of the Center is highly appreciated.

Visitors can be invited or can apply for a visit. We are especially interested in visitors in the field of behavioural economics with a focus on emotions (in a large sense). Remuneration is highly attractive. Visits can last between anything from 2 days to 3 to 4 weeks. For more details, please contact , or .


Visitors at the CEE


2010 28 and 29 June Andrew Caplin (NYU) details call for papers

2011 29 June Agnes Moors (Ghent University)

2011 15 to 19 August Botond Koszegy (Berkeley) and Abhinash Borah (University of Pennsylvania) 

2012 23 January Robert Sugden (University of East Anglia)

For a list of all visitors, see here


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